Q. Why should I replace my windows?
A. Window technology has advanced a long way since many homes were built. The kind of windows used by
builders years ago don't hold a candle to the energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, ease of cleaning and general
appearance of today's windows. Older windows can be drafty, difficult to operate and maintain, hard to clean, and a
major source of heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

Q. How much will replacing my windows benefit me upon resale?
A. Newer windows are a major selling point with buyers looking in the housing market. They don't want the look,
expense or upkeep of older windows, and will pay more for the benefits of new windows. While the exact return on
investment will vary, window replacement will return a high value on resale, and may even make the sale in some

Q. Will my house be open to the weather during installation?
A. Not for long. Careful measurements are taken before the windows are ordered, and the new ones can be quickly
slipped into place as the old ones are removed. Installation takes place year round so  I am  careful not to remove
the old window until the new one is ready to go in.

Q. Will the new windows fit the old openings?
A. Definitely. Each window is custom-fit to the opening and I never put smaller windows into an opening because
it is not a standard size.

Q. Can I do some windows now, and some later?
A. Certainly. While it is probably most cost-effective to do all the windows at one time, sometimes homeowners
need to spread the cost out.
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